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Anecdote in the Subway

This morning, my train was very full, and it was almost impossible to find a place to sit. The first peak hour of the day. I usually ride the train 30-40 minutes to get to the academy every day, so during this time I try to take a seat, take advantage of my time and read. Today I was very slow.

Sometimes the world tries hard to make things not happen. Life’s putting obstacles in our way: impossible moments.

First stop: 72nd Street, there was a seat, I was about to take it, a man who was blocking my way to take a seat moved aside to let me pass, but my backpack was stuck between my jacket, my camera, and arm, and while I struggled to free myself from my own objects, among the crowd a girl decided to take a seat in my place, without noticing that the struggle that I was having with my belongings was for the purpose of sitting down and relaxing. The man who opened me the path for me looked at me with no words as if to say: “Hey! Hey! I tried but you are very slow! -

The second attempt to get a seat was at 34th Street. A lot of people got off and on the train: now, it was my moment, but I was pushed out by the rivers of people, forcing me to step out of the car and re-enter with the next wave of people.

Finally, at 14th Street, many people left enough space for all us passengers to take a seat if we wish to. Now, yes, it was time for victory. There was a huge space between the two gentlemen. I turned my back to prepare to take a seat, took off my backpack, put my camera in front of me and finally took a seat, the seat that my butt never touched. I noticed that I was floating, a quarter of my ass on one man's leg, the other quarter on another man's lap, and half in the air. At that point, I hadn’t given up, I just asked myself at what moment did those two men start to close in to let other people sit next to them?

I smiled at the irony, but as I told you, at this stage of the ride there was always room to sit down, so this time, before moving an inch forward, I scanned the train, I checked the measurements of my hips and then, I emigrated from one place to another laughing at myself. Of course, I apologized for sitting on the legs of two strange men.


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