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My YEARLY Birthday!

Today is my birthday and if I announce, “I don’t like my birthday,” everyone is quick to assume that something tragic happened on the day I was born — because, how could anyone not like their birthday? What kind of human doesn’t want to celebrate they day they came into this beautiful world? Who would dare turn down the opportunity to get presents, cake, and an extra of Facebook notifications?


I hate my birthday, I don’t know when it truly happened, but somewhere between the time I was born and right now, I came to dislike my birthday. It is too much attention. It’s a normal fucking day. First off, I do not understand the notion behind birthdays. How being a step closer to death each year calls for a celebration. Do I really want a yearly reminder of how old I am getting? No, thank you.

I have absolutely no idea what to do when a bunch of people sing a song while I stand in front of a cake trying to act normal.

More often than not, my special day is spent worrying about other people, whether they're having a great time or not. It is hard to enjoy. Surprises terrify me. Opening presents give me anxiety, and what is wrong with me? the good think is that I get a few.

The expectation to have a good birthday is way too high for a normal human to function. I love cake, because come on, who doesn't? But no matter what, my birthday just always makes me feel weird, regardless of what I do, or how I celebrate, or who I'm with. Maybe I'll grow out of this one day...but probably not.

BTW… Though I do enjoy the celebrations of others. I love to celebrate when is not my day… so if is your birthday? Happy birthday to you!

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