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Skating was not only for professionals. Life goes by at a different speed than mine. Everything seems to have happened a few days ago and in fact years have passed. That's crazy. There is no turning back to the past. Only those days when I’m opening the closet and looking inside, make me miss those afternoons that we spent together, wasting our time, but I loved those days filled with laughter.

We had a place to go that belonged to us. We did not have to talk about things that we did not want to or be a good example of children. Nor therapy, school or family. Letting time pass by without noticing, was our relief from reality.

We would let the night come, sitting side by side, our days spent lying on the pavement at the skate park, when boyfriends or girlfriends came and went, making groups of three or four, but in the end it was always you and me.

We spent so much time at the skate park that everyone was surprised at my lack of talent for skating. We could count the times we really skated, I could keep my balance and slide, no tricks, nothing professional. The real purpose was to share our thoughts, support each other and create moments. I want to skate with you, my friend!

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