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Everything seem wonderfully strange

Time traveling around what is normal and what is no, I can’t believe that I’m still here living a dream, I’m gravitating between different areas in my life, some of them you can say I’m a freaky weirdo, I’m trying to be myself, and I have the ability to choose which self to bring to specific occasion.

You know, the society always is behind us pushing, teaching something new, this is the correct way to do it, to speak, to behave, they think that for been living a few years more than us they can teach a lesson, or we should listen to them. I have news for us, with people who think differently, who challenge and push the boundaries, we have the same power that them, oh yes we can learn from them, but as well we’d learn from someone of our age or maybe younger. The older people they have the experience, I’m agree. I’m unfortunately at an age where conformity is valued - people like the same brands, the same things, the same…everything. Me, I want to fit in the society, unfortunately I don’t like the same, I tell you, I’m trying to fit into something I hate, just to prove myself that I can. For doing stuff I don’t like is how I rediscovered my favorite things, walks, movies, shows, writing, art, and I found some people who are into the same kind of stuff I am into. In fact I’m proud to be UNIQUE.

People are very different. We just have to accept it. These things may not be common but the thing that makes them beautiful seems wonderful strange. And it’s really rare to find a person who is interested in many unique fields like me.

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