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Strange Walker

Hello Stranger:

You may be surprised to receive this letter, as it surprised me start writing it. Perhaps you suspect who I am or maybe you have no idea who is writing you. One clue could be the looks of each morning: you’re getting to classes and I just passing by the sidewalk.

I can’t help me; from the first day on, I asked my imagination how your life is and it always comes to different theories. In the first day I noticed your presence and we agreed to exchange glances, I only think of ways to reach you, to approach you and start a conversation. But you know? I do not want this to get to an end, the fantasies! For what I tell you, be calm I won’t follow you, the seconds in the morning are enough. I do not want you to stop being a stranger; it's more fun in this way.

See you around, look me in the eyes!


Strange Walker

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