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I just wanted to tell you…

I just wanted to tell you

I found her on my way here.

She didn’t born with me

She’s changing through what she lived

I just wanted to tell you

There are lessons she has learned

There are battles she has lost

There are victories she deserved

I just wanted to tell you

Her time is measured

Her life is a destiny

I will lead her way.

Be Me

It seems confusing or is just messy?

Do things deserve an order?

Why my mind wants to cry?

They are my random thoughts looking!

my ideas are pointing to the future,

my memories wanting to order a present

Do I keep a straight line?

Or just the way home?

Opening the door, and find the order I have been search!

Something stopped me

I meet the independence of my being

Freedom of my being, be me.


Salvation of my madness

meet someone

go around through the world

connect -music, books, wild, people-

the echo of my walk

energy triggered by the adventure

I am a source of light and shadows

my destiny happen

tranquility of silence

passionate crazy

my whole essence

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